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MusixCool Main MenuMeet the greatest classical composers of all times - 100s of them!!Study the main genres and styles in music with great links, musical samples and demonstrationsStudy the main musical periods and genres and the history of music

All about main lands and nations in the classical music historyVirtual tours and historical music sites you can visit in the city you are going to travel to in your next tripThis listening guide explains and tells you about the most famous and important music compositions of all timesStudy the main forms and structures in classical music

Learn what happened in music history every day of the yearA broad and interactive musical terms glossary for the music studentThe characteristics of each period through music historyGet onto the funny side of music with caricatures, jokes etc.

Study the development of musical instrumentsGet to know the musical instruments of the symphony orchestra and many othersGet to know the classical ensembles and the kind of music they playGet to know each of the musical instruments with music, pictures and animations

Study the developments in architecture and how they were connected to music historyMusic and dance were influenced by each other - study how...Learn how the film industry used music in the movies and what films describe the great musicians and musicStudy the historical events that were connected with music and how they were connected

Get to know the technologies and discoveries that affected music historyExamine many of the nicest stamps on musical subjects ever seenQuotations by and about the most famous composers in history and about other music subjectsThe periods and genres in art and how they relate to the history of music

Dozens of musical notes you can play, sing and printDozens of music video movies taken in composers houses, famous musical places and showing ensembles, players and a lot moreOur Music Educational Freeware Finder (MEFF) helps you to download the finest music educational software from the web - free!Connect to online radio stations through MusixCool's dedicated screen

Musical and basic theory lessonsStudy the main forms and structures in classical musicStudy the notation and musical signs through the visual explainerGo on a virtual tour with ethnic and folk music and musical instruments from all over the world

Get to know the classical ensembles and the kind of music they playIn the musical terms lab you will study musical terms through melody manipulationStudents ProjectsMusic activities on the web

Get a direct link to our forums the best of musical forums on the web (online activity only!)Find information in MusiXCool© and on the web through our findersEar Development and Theory DrillsPop songs that are based on Classics

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