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FAQ - frequently asked questions

Welcome to the MusixCool Support page. First, make sure you install 2 plug-ins + NotePad from the top-left list. If the problem persists then browse through the list of Frequently Asked Questions, and try to find one that you think is the question that's yearning to be answered. Good Luck!

I ask IE (Internet Explorer) to remember my login name and password, but it doesn't. What should I do in order to have it remembered? 
How can I force IE to remember my username and password? 
Sound & Voice
All music samples in the encyclopedia (the orange speaker) can't play on my computer. What should I do? 
I use Internet Explorer 6.0 on Windows XP on my computer. Everytime I listen to the music examples in the encyclopedia (the yellow speaker) Ihear it with the Beatnik Player and it sounds good. But while I click on another example I get the Media Bar on the extra window which plays the MIDIfile along with the previous one. Any idea how how to get rid of this Media Bar so each example will replace the previous one within the Beatnik Player? 
How can Imake my soundcard play (not only in MusixCool)? 
Why do the MP3 example files not played in MusixCool? 
I can't hear a sound in the "Rhythm Machine" and "Electronic Music", in the MusixCool Online Studios. Why? 
Why sometimes the videos in MusixCool not working? 
I dont see the QuickTime movies which are optional in the MusixCool. Whats wrong? 
Images are not displayed properly in Internet Explorer 
I can't see the "Taqasim" workbook.. 
I use Windows XP and everytime I try to write music with "Rainbow Notes" it would'nt work? What seems to be the problem? 
Why can't I see the notation example from the MusixCool's encyclopedia? 
General features
I am a new user of MusixCool and many activities do not work. What should I do? 
Where can Iget help with the MusixCool's icons and navigation? 
How to search for something in MusixCool? 
In the Ear Development and Theory Drills I keep getting the same question again and again.. 

Microsoft Internet Explorer Support Center


If you still have questions about working with MusixCool - contact us from here

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