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This button will take you to the main menu, designed as MusixCool's house of subjects.
On this page, you will find the instruments of the whole world, world music, composers by nation, and music and religion sections from around the world.
The greatest musicians of all times, including music, concise reviews, references to their period, country, musical occupations other than composing, and quotations by them and about them.
MIDI files sample directory, sorted by categories. Includes MIDI files and links to huge web directories, offering an endless selection of more samples.
Music Dictionary
Musical glossary, sophistically linked to the variety of topics in MusixCool© and demonstrating them in multimedia.
Visual Dictionary
A visual dictionary of notation signs. Pointing at a sign will present its meaning, briefly and concisely explained.
Musical Humor
Since everybody needs a good laugh once in a while, here you can find a selection of caricatures, shadow-images and witty musical jokes.
Music Almanac
Learn what happened every day in the history of music, and switch immediately to MusixCool's screens, explaining and specifying the musical figure.
Forms & Structures
Different musical forms and structures, and the principles according to which they are built.
Periods & Genres
The periods in music history and the main schools and trends.
Musical Instruments
Instruments, sorted by families, and the human voices. Even conductors and their role are profoundly discussed.
Music & Art
A quick review of art history, particularly painting, and the resemblance in periods and schools to music history.
This button refers you to a computerized metronome, beating at a set speed, of your own choice, so you can play accompanied by the computer and know the various tempos.
Visual Arranger
The melody research laboratory, allowing you to get acquainted with different concepts in music, by listening to an anthem while played through their filters.
A variety of explanations and lessons about different topics in music theory, linked to other parts of MusixCool.
Notes Test
Everything concerned with notation can be found here: fundamentals of notation, history of written music, games, archives and even online editing.
Software Catalog
This is our own downloads center, for music freeware especially selected for you. Only the best and totally complementary software. Immediate download!
Web links Center
Entry to MusixCool's web links page. This page includes sorted links to many musical subjects, offering a selection of interesting websites that will increase the musical knowledge experience.
Students Projects Center
Clicking this button will connect you to MusixCool's student center. Here we offer websites created by students engaged with every aspect of music.
More Information
This button will enable you to receive further information about the subject you are looking into on any screen.
The quotation center - things a composer said and things people said about him or her, and also quotes on different musical issues. All sorted and connected to the relevant screen.
A finder, allowing various forms of search, from a visual search of composers and instruments, to a search on all MusixCool© screens and the entire World Wide Web.
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Go to next screen.
Top of page
If this button is on the top of the page, it will connect you to the menu or screen higher in hierarchy; for example, if we are on a certain composer's screen, we will go to the composer menu. If this button is not at the top of the page, it will connect the user to the top of the current screen.
Return to previous page
Go back to previous screen (last screen you have been on).

Tools Icons

This icon is a hypertext clicker, and by pushing it you can connect to a location in MusixCool© where you can expand on something. For example, click the icon and get to the composer Haydn.
Hear an example
Clicking this button will play a musical MIDI demonstration to the concept next to it.
Hear an example Clicking this button will play a musical MP3 demonstration to the concept next to it.
Watch an example Clicking this button will play a video movie which demonstras the concept next to it.
See a visual scheme
This button presents a diagram or a scheme demonstration of the concept next to it. For example, push the button on the right for a diagram demonstration of a theme and variations.
a piece of art
Clicking this button will present a picture of the subject at hand. For example, click the button on the right for a picture of a lute.
go to the instruments page
If an instrument is mentioned, this button will appear and address you to it.
more text explanations
Clicking this button will generate a further, detailed explanation to the topic next to it.
Jokes about the subject
Clicking this button will take you to a selection of jokes on the subject about which you are reading right now.
Notated example
Clicking this button will present a notation or score exemplar for the relevant topic.
The musical Educational Lab
Clicking this button will take you to our musical experiment lab.
This icon is a hypertext clicker, and by pushing it you can search in MusixCool© for the screen deals with the subject.
Clicking this button will connect you to an Internet search engine for websites dealing with the subject next to it.

Text Colors

Colors in MusixCool© are designated to add selective information. Every color serves a different kind of information:

Green will mark important facts to remember.

Pink will mark musical terms you can look up in the glossary.

Red means titles of musical works on the subject.

Blue means names of composers.

Purple means names of other musicians (singers, performers, conductors etc).

Dark blue means names of non-musician figures (historic figures, writers, etc).

Orange will mark countries, cities and other places.

Light blue will mark sentences involving an interdisciplinary connection to music.

Light red means titles of works of art which are non-musical, or unrelated to the relevant subject (for instance, the work of a composer other than the one the screen is about).

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