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MusixCool's Screen TourWe offer MusixCool© - an educational and fun musical environment - so studying about music will be fascinating, pleasant, creative, versatile and real. Full of fun, with one of the best educational music encyclopedias ever created, hundreds of creative and fun music activities, online studios, free musical software, carefully selected by Nadav Dafni, a leading expert in the field, to download and "News & the City" - our Newsroom - MusixCool© is the best place to face the music and have fun doing that...

In MusixCool©, we have tried to link the world of music and its development to everything that has happened historically and is currently happening right now in the world, in other fields. We believe one neither can, nor should, encompass all the information on the topics mentioned here within this type of encyclopedia, however we do wish to grant a broad view of the musical realm. It is our intention to stress what is important, provide the proper examples and links for every subject, thus allowing whoever is interested to continue, learn and investigate any topic in depth, with further means. You are invited to meet the world of music with the encyclopedia, in a technique we call "Encyclomedia", which is the combination of a music encyclopedia and multimedia experience, in order to emphasize and transmit information in a wise and intuitive way. MusixCool© will not include all the possible information on the different topics. We offer you short, well-emphasized and to-the-point information on the variety of musical concepts and terms, components and subjects. Nevertheless, we shall not give up reading the good old books, traditional encyclopedias (although we may admit those can be rather dull sometimes...), listening to CDs, records and even live concerts. There is nothing like the above for achieving a deeper comprehension of a particular issue, until one masters the range of knowledge it embraces.

MusixCool's Screen TourMusixCool© is connected to the wide world out there, on the web. You can learn about most of the terms and subjects presented within MusiXCool© via the Internet, too. Press the Internet button on every screen, and you will be immediately linked to brilliant websites dealing with the issue of concern, and to search engines, which will carry out smart searches for you, on the very same subject.

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The Author

Dr. Nadav Dafni is an Israeli musician and a leading expert in educational music computerized environments, specializing in educational musical computing. Along with developing music learning software, he is engaged in marketing and counseling for governmental agencies about incorporating computers in music education, and advises universities, colleges and the Israeli Ministry of Education. He holds an MA degree, Summa Cum Laude (with greatest praise or highest distinction), specializing in development computer-based curricula, from the Tel-Aviv University.

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